Ben Osborne ‘Himalayan Journeys’

15 November 2014 @ 7:30pm 

A new show from award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer Ben Osborne

Lying on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, behind the Himalayan ranges, the ancient kingdoms of Ladakh and Zandskar are effectively cut off from the outside world in winter by heavy snowfall and temperatures down to -30c. They are also politically sensitive, being right on the border between China and India. 

Searching for snow leopards and other animals, award-winning wildlife photographer Ben Osborne (Jurassic Journey) trekked up frozen rivers, crossed mountain passes, travelled through uninhabited valleys, strayed into military zones, camped in caves and visited ancient monasteries. 

This show tells the compelling story of two journeys with, as ever, stunning images and entertaining commentary from Ben.

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For tickets, please contact Ibby Moy on 01929 459431

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